Write your memoir course

Charlotte Squire introducing herself and her online course ‘Write Your Memoir’

Do you have a life story or family history in you, but no idea how to write it?

I’d love to help.

I’m Charlotte Squire, I’ve been a writer for 20 plus years, including being a journalist, author, researcher, online content creator and editor. I’ve helped dozens of people write their memoirs, life stories and histories.

I’m launching the new online course Write Your Memoir to help people just like you organise their thoughts and information and finally write their book.

My course will help you:

  • Understand the basics of writing these days
  • Plan and prepare to write your story
  • Know and claim your writing voice
  • Figure out what must be in your story
  • Learn how to refer to other people, including quoting and paraphrasing them
  • Tackle those skeletons in the closet
  • Write a book your people will read
  • Follow a step by step process to write your story
  • Keep going until you finish your story
  • Polish the first draft of your story, into an even better second draft
  • Organise your images and other extra things you’d like to include in your book.
  • Prepare your title, front and back cover
  • Understand the entire book making process from idea to holding it in your hands
  • Enjoy the company of others writing their own books
  • Enjoy the process of writing your book!

How it works

Facebook group – I welcome you into a supportive Facebook group that you can remain in for as long as you like. You can ask questions there and connect with others writing their books. We also have live QnA sessions.

Videos with text – I supply 20 + short videos with text that you can pick and choose from (depending on your writing capability) and watch in your own time. These take you through the process of writing your story.

Roadmap – I supply a template for you to follow to write your book. You simply fill in the blanks.

Feedback – I also offer you a half hour one-on-one chat, where I personally coach you on your writing.

My course will set you up to:

  • Complete not only draft one of your story, but polish it up into the second draft stage.
  • Prepare any images, notes, recipes, family trees and extra elements to be formatted into your book.

Ready to publish?

Once you reach draft two, you can either share it electronically as it is, or you can carry on and self-publish, print, your book.

If you what to self publish, it’s then time to have someone (a friend or professional) proof read it for you, before sending your text and images to a book layout person, or your local printers, who can prepare it to be printed.

We can help you publish your book

Because each book varies in length, details and layout, we offer this as an additional service, with an additional charge that varies depending on your needs.

Appreciation for my 2021 writing course

“It was my extreme pleasure to take a writing course from Charlotte Squire. Her in depth knowledge of writing formats and useful tips were a lifesaver in my writing group. Charlotte’s talent as a writer and encouragement have given me inspiration and tools to carry on as a writer. Charlotte is a gem!” Abigail Greene.

“Charlotte is warm, easy going, community minded and relaxed about each of us finding our own project, level and capacity at this time to participate. I felt a good balance between structure and flowing with what we were responding to and had energy for.

Appreciated the handouts, I made some notes too. Charlotte is a mine of information, knowledge and generous in her sharing of her skills and her own journey with writing. My confidence and sense of possibility and fun grew through this writing course.” Di Koch.

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Course available from:

Monday September 12

Cost of the course:


* Monthly payment plan available

More questions?

Email: charlottesquirecoms@gmail.com