Memoirs and books


“I can take you all the way from the idea of your story, to the completion of a high quality book that will last generations.”

I’ve been a journalist and writer for 20 years and I find that everyone has a story to share.  It’s a precious thing, to capture those memories and that knowledge, and share it with family, friends and sometimes communities.  If you’d like to preserve your story, for people around you to enjoy, I’d love to help by writing your memoir, biography, or a story about an aspect of your life.

“I write extraordinary stories about everyday people.”

How it works

First I would email or post you some basic questions so that I can get a feel for what you need from a book – how long you’d like it to be, key focus and life events etc.

Next, we would meet for a series of interviews, either in person, online or on the phone (I can work with people anywhere in Australasia). I would ask you questions about your about your life, or a period in your life, that you’d like to capture in writing.

“I listen for what makes you uniquely you, and create a book around your personality. There are often lots of cups of tea involved.”

You might also want to include some photos, letters, recipes, poems or other important things with your story, we could talk about this too.

Then, with your feedback, your thoughts would be transformed into an attractive, high quality book.

Included in the packages

  • Your books or booklets
  • The original audio interviews.
  • Copies – both online and on a memory stick – of the book, so that you can update it or change it in the future if you need to

What I charge

This depends on the amount of time I put into the memoir or book, also the word count and complexity of the process. I can give you an estimate of the time I think your book will take if you get in touch.

Generally I charge 50 cents per word. This works out at:

$5000 for a 10,000 word book

$10,000 for a 20,000 word book

… and so on.

This fee covers interviews, transcribing, editing, proof reading, reviews, layout, design and some book printing.

A beautiful process

The step by step writing of a book is a journey in itself. It’s different for everyone, and we take care of you, every step of the way.

Contact me – Charlotte Squire – for a chat – 027 525 7455 or email:


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