New novella: The Springs

Food, the planet, love, magic and a great happy ending – all the ingredients of a great read!

Trouble’s brewing for a small rural community who live near the purest waters on Earth, Te Waikoropupu Springs, in Golden Bay, New Zealand. A foreign company plans to buy the sacred waters and cut off all access to them, not to mention their plans for the water. Cue an unlikely group of people with one thing in common – inherited psychic powers. They’re drawn together to create a powerful positive force to fight for the springs.

Feedback about The Springs

“The Springs was such a treasure!! I loved every part of it, many times I laughed out loud because of how well its written …12 amazing stars out of ten … might be your first one but you have totally sky rocketed into my top books and author list.” Larissa Dunn

“I have just finished “The Springs” WOW. Such a powerful book, i just didn’t want it to end. I laughed and cried and felt empowered by the possibilities we have as a community to make change. Positive change through love, compassion and combined energetic resources. I can’t wait for the next one!” Sukhita Langford

“Wow, what an awesome read Charlotte! Loved it.” Wendy Davies

“So adore it. Can’t wait til the next one!” Tess James

“Your book moved me deeply. I had tears as I read parts of it. I feel very deeply about the Spring’s & your book touched me deep down. The book I am referring to is: ‘The Springs’ by Charlotte Squire. Very readable! A novella. I highly recommend. I suspect teenagers would also like. It is about protecting the Spring’s & has a lovely Golden Bay flavour. Three themes i remember are; love, food & magic. Again, very readable!” Kevin Moran

Where can you get The Springs?

The Springs is available as an ebook.

Hard copies are available from:

Golden Bay – The Dangerous Kitchen, Take Note, the Art Bank, The Langford Store, Golden Bay Organics, Made In The Bay.

Ask your book shop to stock it today!


Call: 027 525 7455


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