Why now’s the time to release your low-carbon idea into the world

IMG_4785You know that idea that sparks in you sometimes? That alluring, sexy call to set up that eco-awesome project that sends shivers through you each time you think of it? That unexplainable pull to take eco-loving action, that doesn’t come from your mind but from your soul?

Pay it heed.

Because you are not alone.

Millions all over the earth are feeling their own unexplainable tidal pulls to use use what they have – their skills and experience, their natural gifts – to start projects that will collectively set up a new, low carbon way of existing.

Why? Because we are just as plugged into this eco-system as a tree, or a river or a spider. And like worker bees in a hive we are feeling our own primal pulls to put things back into balance. It’s an ancient call that has always spoken through our species and always will.

So what’s that spark calling you to do? How does it make you feel? Does it terrify you? Thrill you? Immobilize you? Does it appear to you in your dreams? Call to you as a truth seed from your heart?

I have a request for you. Let your idea out. Write it down, draw it, speak it out loud so that you can meet it face to face, this little seed … because this is the first step to allowing it to become real.

The good news is you are being called to use what you have inside to make an astoundingly significant difference for our world and for our children. In nature for every problem, or imbalance, there is a solution and you are a crucial part of this eco-system. Will you answer your call?

Here are three things you can do with your delicious low carbon idea today

  1. Write it down as if it’s already happening and put it somewhere so you can look at often
  2. Ask your self what step you might take next and listen quietly for the answer
  3. Take that step.

Charlotte x

Charlotte Squire is a writer, singer, and eco-preneur who lives in Golden Bay, New Zealand with her family, near the some of the purest natural springs on planet earth – Te Waikoropupu Springs. She recently published her first fictional novel ‘The Springs’ about five highly intuitive people who saved the springs from ruin. She is starting up Climate Love – which is both a free low carbon newspaper, and inspirational support service for people creating low carbon projects.

Find her at charlottesquire.wordpress.com


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