Why it’s important to look where you want to go

IMG_5267Tyres.  Usually this wouldn’t be a subject I passionately rave about, but it was during an interview with a successful tyre business owner last week that I was reminded to be sure of where I wanted to go.

So this guy I was interviewing.  He was buzzing with passion.  He was revolutionising the tyre industry.  He was bringing in transparency, efficiency, and affordability.

When he said ‘You’ve got to look where you’re going,’ I suddenly piped up (usually reporters pipe down) and said ‘That is a GREAT mountain biking analogy.  If you don’t look where you’re doing, you’ll stop or worse, fall over.

And this is SO TRUE.  Keeping your eye a few metres ahead on the track gets you round those tight bends, and over those gnarly rocks.

“In fact,” I said, on a roll now, “this is a great analogy for life.  If you look where you want to go, you’re far more likely to get there.”

To move forward on a project, to get through the highs and lows, to navigate the freak outs (ohhh, the freak outs!), the question ‘what’s next’ can act as a safety net. It’s a plan already in place that helps us keep peddling forward, if only to the next resting place (where we can binge watch Netflix).

So my brothers and sisters – what’s next for you?

Charlotte Squire is a communications expert based in Golden Bay, New Zealand.  She has over 20 years experience in writing and journalism.  She also runs Climate Love – sharing inspiring stories about low carbon stuff happening world-wide. 


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