Memoirs and biographies can include your family

Me ‘n my Mummy. She’s the best.

I write people’s memoirs or biographies and lately I’ve come to realise our lives are so intertwined with others that it’s hard to follow one person’s story, without threading into the stories of those around us.

Isn’t that a beautiful thing?  We’re inately social beings.

I’ve noticed that once the subject of the memoir has shared his or her story with me and I share the draft with family, more pieces of the story arise.  One person’s memories can trigger another’s.  One person’s perspective of an experience can differ from another’s.

That’s history for you – or her-story.  Someone’s story.  The beauty of a memoir is it can be a bunch of people’s stories, woven into one. I have my ways to contain each person’s story, within the larger story.

Get in touch if I can help you preserve your stories too.

Charlotte Squire, superscribe.

Charlotte has 20 years experience as a writer, author and journalist sharing extraordinary stories about everyday people. She lives in the Nelson Tasman area of the top of the South Island, New Zealand.  Contact her at:


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