What I do

IMG_4744Hi there,

I’m Charlotte Squire and that’s me after a good sweaty bike up the Rameka Road (mountain biking country)!  I am incredibly lucky to live in Golden Bay, between two lush national parks.  I live here with my family.

I write extraordinary stories about everyday people.

I’ve been a writer for twenty years and trust me I say: I have had a great time writing some amazing stories over the years. I’ve had thousands of articles published in various media, plus lots of other writing jobs (for various lovely people).  I’ve published a short novel ‘The Springs,’ and am just about to publish a book of short stories that I’ve both co-edited and contributed to.  I have a degree in social policy and politics.

I used to run a solutions focused, positive news website called Happyzine.co.nz.  After years of sharing inspiring stories, I sold it. 

These days I run a small communications agency from my home office (it has a view of a lemon tree, and those Rameka hills).  Right now I’m working on memoirs, business articles, some PR for people.  Here’s what I can help you with:

  • Memoirs or life stories
  • Articles and blogs
  • Business advertorials
  • Online copy for your website
  • Reports
  • Policy
  • Books – ghost writing, editing
  • Coaching and mentoring for beginner writers
  • MCing – I’m also a singer/songwriter and occasionally have been asked to grab the mic again and host events!

I love to help people share complex information in friendly, clear language – this can connect people, build healthy relationships and cultivate strong communities.  

Get in touch if you love some support with a ‘wordy’ task, so that you can get on with the things you’re best at.




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