Is the true awesomeness of your business understood??

Every day, in small and not so small ways, your business is making good things happen. You wouldn’t be doing it if it wasn’t.

It’s not always easy, some days are terrifying/boring/average but other days your work fills you with huge satisfaction because it makes another human’s life just a little bit better.

That story matters.


If it lights you up, most likely it’s the essence of your business. It’s the reason you’re in this game. And that reality is the one people should know about.

In this age of loud advertising and flashing neon signs, some of us just want to get real. We want to know the human stories behind the shiny surface.

When you connect with people on this level, you begin to build trust. Over time – through continuing to share your stories – that trust grows into loyalty. Then one day, when one of those people needs what you have to offer, it’s natural for them to turn to you.

So use this amazing platform for free speech – the internet – to share the stories of those sweet moments, those challenges you over came, those completed projects, those victories. And build connection, trust and future relationships through your stories.

This way, word of your business’s awesomeness shall spread.

Charlotte Squire

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