When your passion project is so exciting, you can’t see clearly enough to pitch the story

IMG_1349Being a social entrepreneur is all encompassing right? I know because I’ve set up a few social enterprises myself, including a good news website designed to inspire positive social and environmental change, and a solutions focused newspaper about low carbon projects in my community.

Along the way I wrote an article or two (well thousands) for media all over the world – including being a front line daily reporter for Fairfax NZ.
As a journo I came across many passionate changer makers who were trying to get media exposure, but weren’t having any luck, ironically because their passion was clouding their ability to pitch a good story.
Here are three tips when you’re reaching out to editors:
1.  Cover the who, what, when, why, how’s within the first 100 (ish) words.
2.  Don’t say it unless you are rock solid certain it’s true.
3.  Make sure your pitch relates to the publication or platform you’re pitching to.
Sounds simple? Great! You’d be amazed how many people don’t do this stuff.
But the thing is, people want to know about awesome projects that are making a positive difference for the world. So keep sharing!
If you need help, reach out, I’m here to help.
Charlotte x

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