I have time to write your life story

Oh the stories we hold within. This old courthouse in Reefton (during a recent holiday) had me imagining all kinds of scenarios.

Yes it’s true! I’ve been up to my eyeballs in not one, not two, not even three, but FOUR books, all at once. And they’re all drawing to an end. All at once. It’s been like pulling four fishing nets bursting with life, in one direction.

So I have time to draw breath and wonder what I’ll write next.

I’m increasingly aware of the value of recording family stories while our older generations are around to tell them.

This was some feedback from a recent client.

“My grandsons were round the other day and they saw the book and I didn’t hear a word from them for hours. They read the whole thing.”

Joyce Bradley.

I love writing these stories in accessible language, so that all ages can digest them. They are great ways to pass on the family stories, truth of those old photos, precious letters, favourite recipes, and knowledge.

What I love most is spending sweet time with humans as they open up to me about their lives. What a privilege.

Get in touch if I can help.

Charlotte x

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