Climate positive printing in Wakefield

Lindsay and Genie Bradley of Promote You are thinking of their children’s futures in going climate positive.

A Wakefield printing business is going above and beyond in their efforts to operate sustainably, running on solar as much as they can, and asking suppliers to stop sending plastic.

Lindsay Bradley from Promote You says he and partner Genie’s “conscious moral compass” inspires them to operate sustainably. “I’ve got kids,” he says. “Why is it right to damage the world?”  

Their environmental commitment hasn’t cost them, or their customers. 

“It’s about picking the right suppliers and types of businesses to work with. It hasn’t changed our pricing at all,” he says.

Promote You is ‘climate positive’, meaning they’re offsetting 20% more carbon than they produce. They’re certified with carbon credits retailer EKOS. 

Over lockdown 2020 they audited their business and found that the majority of their carbon footprint came from their company vehicles.

“We [now] freight most of our parcels, rather than drive and deliver. We’ve stopped offering laminated business cards, because they’re expensive and really, who needs another layer of plastic?”

They have a four-kilowatt solar system on their roof; that helps to run the print and press when they have the solar power, saving money alongside the eco benefits.

Promote You offer printing, signage, apparel, embroidery, digital logos, logo design, business branding and promotional products. 

Find out more here:

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