How to stay ‘up’ – 6 powerful practices for eco-entrepreneurs + video.

Charlotte Squire

A friend I know, who works in the sustainability sector as I do, recently emailed me and asked ‘How do you do it? How do you stay ‘up’ through these times with Covid, climate change, and uncertainty?’

I love this question because I put heaps of effort into staying up and I think many people struggle with this question. I have six things to say!

1. Somedays my friend, or parts of days I’m not ok. And that’s ok! I try to remember to hold myself lovingly until I feel better, as you would a young child. If a cute three-year-old came to you with a quivering lip and you could see she wasn’t ok, what would you do? Tell you what I’d do, I’d give her a hug and give her some time in my arms until she felt a little better and ran off to sit in her favourite bowl (naturally, as a three year old I liked to sit in my favourite bowl).

2. Connect w your source of power daily and do life from that place.
Years ago when I practiced Seido Karate I was taught Zen meditation. I was told by a Zen master to put one hand on my belly because that was the ‘hara’ – the place of our true power – and the other on my heart as a group of us lay down and learned to meditate. I was taught to inhale ‘through my belly button’ and out through my nose or mouth. Which wasn’t actually possible, but it put my focus into my belly and you know what, over the years since then, I have found that when I focus on my belly, my gut, and listen to wisdom that comes from there, I’m much more steady and grounded.

3. Which leads me to the subject of meditation. I do it, most days. There are many styles, but I focus on my breath, in and out slowly. And I begin to detach from my thoughts and watch them float by, like clouds in the sky. This really works for me because it calms me down and slows down that ‘monkey brain’ that can overwhelm me with too many thoughts.

4. I focus on what I want, not what I don’t want. I have learned that what ever I shift my focus to, tends to grow. Try focusing on what you do want in your life, even for five minutes, and see what happens.

5. Fill yourself up by being kind to yourself.
I know a good bike ride with my dog Thomas makes me feel alive and sweaty and connected to the land and just great. I know that a chat at my favourite local café the Dangerous with a friend does too. What fills you up? Do more of that.

6. Remember- your natural state is ease
. If you’re not in that place, keep gently returning to that place using your tools.

So that was my answer to your question my friend. And as for you, dear reader or viewer, how do you stay up, especially when times are difficult? It’s not one huge thing, but a mix of many little things and the intent to stay well that keeps me going.

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

Remember, there has never been a better time for you to use your unique strengths to create a successful climate positive business.

Are you an environmental change maker? Would you like to be one? Is there something I can help you with? Send me your questions!

Charlotte x

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