Getting back to the basics of social media on the Rameka Creek river bed, Golden Bay.

Tena koe, Charlotte Squire here. I run Climate Love – two tiny, local newspapers plus online media – and I live with my whānau (family) in my tūrangawaewae (place to stand) Mohua/Golden Bay.

Yet another majestic river in Golden Bay. I took this pic yesterday while filming on the Wainui River.

Are you creating or strengthening an exciting project that cares for the planet?

Do you use social media to promote it? The really good news is you can build a successful project by growing connection with people, here are three simple ways to do this:

  1. Choose one social media platform and do it well
  2. Show up consistently
  3. Personally, and with the warmth and love that you were born with, respond to all comments.

It really is that simple. If you’d like more ideas about how to create a successful project by building connection with other humans who are also passionate about your mahi (work) , sign up to my new free guide and learn eight simple ways to do this 🙂

Here’s a video shot on the Rameka River in my home Golden Bay, New Zealand, where I talk about getting back to the basics of social media, plus I talk about the huge importance of mindset and setting yourself up to thrive from the start of the day and introduce you to my dog Tom!

There has never been a better time to use your unique strengths to make a difference for the climate 😍 You can do this.

Charlotte x

Sign up for your free communications guide here.

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