Tui Balms walk their talk with sustainable packaging

Tui Balms team members, from left: Cathy Mountier, Inna Alex and Ngarie Jones with their new cardboard packaging. They deliver locally in their electric van.

After a seven-year odyssey of searching for the most eco-friendly packaging, Tui Balms are shifting from plastic to cardboard.
The years of research and experimenting included bioplastics (plastic made from a renewable resource such as sugarcane or corn), tin, aluminum, bamboo and glass.
“We came across a company who designed an ingenious compostable cardboard container for us, that doesn’t leak. It is made from 100% recycled cardboard, printed with vegetable ink, and can be burned in your fireplace or composted in your compost at home; if you clean out the balm you can put the pot in the recycling too,” says marketing manager Ngarie Jones.
This year the Tui Balms team trialed the cardboard packaging and plan to transition most of their products out of plastic and into cardboard over the next few years.
Tui Balms produce healing skin care balms and effective natural insect repellents. They’re located in Wainui, Golden Bay, New Zealand.

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