Tip #1 – Write on the back of your photos

For some, this is a revelation, a ticket to freedom! For others this suggestion is about as wild and on the edge as running naked down a busy city street. Many of us have been told NEVER to write on the back of our precious photos, but I’ve come across folk who eventually thrown their old photos away, because they simply didn’t know who these people were.

Put yourself in the shoes of your future great grandchildren or nieces and nephews. They find an old box of photos, left by: you. They rummage through them and smile at the weird fashion and bizarre hairdos of your time. After trying to figure out who the people are in your pics they either A) Get really excited because they realise who they’re looking at or B) Biff ’em away because for all they know those people are great aunt Mildred’s friends from bridge club.

This tragedy can be avoided.

All you need to do is write the name (or names from left to right), place and time the photo was taken on the back of your pic, for example: Emily Stone, Church Steps, Nelson, New Zealand. April 2020.

If you do nothing else to preserve your life story – write on the back of your photos.

Charlotte x

Charlotte Squire believes everybody has a story to share. She and her amazing team of Golden Bay based women help people write books and life stories. If you need help with any or all of the book writing process just reach out: charlottesquirecoms@gmail.com. 027 525 7455.

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