During NZ Covid lockdown, Salvi discovered his dad’s old war diaries and turned them into a book

Meet Salvi Garguilo. He’s a tall Italian man with a sharp mind for maths, and a laid back approach to life that has won that hearts of many students over the years.

Salvatore Gargiulo with his Dad’s war medals, Nelson, New Zealand. 2020.

I first met him way back when I was a scruffy 11 year with big hair and a tight skirt and his (equally scruffy, Julia Roberts look-a-like, highly uncoordinated) daughter Jenny and I became friends at Broadgreen Intermediate. 

Salvi was the only reason I managed to pass school certificate maths, and where I first picked up my life long love of Italian food.

Last year in lockdown Salvi was going through some old boxes and he came across some old diaries his beloved father Vince wrote when he was a soldier in Italy during World War Two.

The war diaries Salvi discovered in some boxes during Covid 19 lockdown

Salvi adored his father but he’d died young in his 50s. While he wished with all his heart he could talk about his father’s war dairies with Vince, he couldn’t, so he decided to do something meaningful with them – turn them into a book. He wanted to introduce his father to his three daughters, his family and friends.

Says Salvi:

“I started just trying to tidy up the container of diaries, books and photos that I had in storage.

“In October of 2020, my daughter encouraged me to convert the work I had done into a book so family and friends had a chance to get to know more about my father. She connected me to Charlotte Squire.

“Charlotte gave incredible support and input. She was at all times timely with her responses and gave insightful advice. I had hoped to be able to present the books to my family on the occasion of my 70th birthday. Charlotte worked very hard to meet this difficult timeline. 

“I would highly recommend contracting Charlotte if you intend to undertake a project like mine.”

In February 2021 Salvi received his box of 50 books. He says he’s “delighted” with them and “proud of the quality of the book.”

This was a moving book to work on. Hopefully it will last the Garguilo family many generations.

Charlotte x

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