Tip # 4: Why your life story really does matter

Ok. It is easy to take our life stories for granted. I’ll admit it.

Why? Because we’ve lived every moment of the experience and for us it’s normal. For every exciting moment there have been a million mundane ones and besides, other people’s stories are far more interesting. Aren’t they?

Most people will leave it at that. But some … some folk have the niggling thought that they should record their stories. Some know exactly why, and some don’t.

There are those who are frequently told they should write a book. Others keep their memories to themselves but know their stories would make for the type of book plot you’d swear was made up, being so chock full of adventure, disaster, romance, and unexpected plot twists.

If you’re on the fence about whether or not to start writing, think about the fact that your history is your children’s history.

Don’t have kids? Your history is also your niece and nephew’s history, not to mention being intertwined with your friends histories.

Your stories could provide people with much needed information about their relatives. You could gift them with the very details they’d been searching for. Most importantly, your story could also help provide future generations with something priceless – a sense of belonging.

Those details you carry in your mind – your mother’s name, her mother’s name. They matter. Those funny stories about your brother’s obsession with fishing absolutely everywhere he could get a line in, they matter. They’re all food for people who may one day be hungry to know why they are the way they are, or who what kind of lives their great grandparents lived.

So if you’ve got the time, please, give it your best shot. Your story matters.

Charlotte x

Need a hand? My team can help you, every step of the way. From interviews, to transcribing, writing, editing, proof reading, book design and printing, we would be honoured to help you write your story.

Find out more: CharlotteSquire.co.nz. Email me: Charlottesquirecoms@gmail.com or call me: 027 525 7455

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