Composting a hot topic in Nelson + video

Community Compost organiser Ben Bushell in front of Big Bertha

Community Compost is going from strength to strength in Nelson, diverting tonnes of food waste from landfills.

Community Compost organiser Ben Bushell says biking around town to collect the compost from homes and businesses has been a great way to promote their project.

Ben is passionate about composting.

“I’d say it’s the biggest passion I’ve ever had. I’m a little bit obsessed. It fires up all the right neurons for me and it’s doing a lot of good for the planet.”

Though Community Compost has been going for over four years, this year Nelson City Council collaborated with them in a trial to measure how much food could be diverted from the landfill. 130 households are taking part, contributing an average of 5.5 kgs of waste. 

“Our little business is now employing 15 people part time.”

As a social enterprise, 50% of their compost is donated to education and community growing projects. 

Composting food waste reduces methane production that occurs in anaerobic environments, like landfills. Methane is a volatile greenhouse gas that contributes greatly to global climate change.

Compost on, Ben and the team!

To find out more about Community Compost, visit:

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