Anita’s found and foraged baskets

Anita Peters with a wild basket she made using willow and other “random branches” from trees that were washed up on Pohara Beach after a recent storm.

East Takaka resident Anita Peters delights in making baskets from material she finds in her environment.

She uses plants such as banana passion vine, harakeke, muehlenbeckia, wild riverside willow and tī kōuka leaves, from an endless list of available vines, leaves and bark to weave functional baskets of all shapes and sizes.

“No commercial materials need to be used because everyone’s got stuff in their own gardens.” 

“The same principles and construction techniques are used as traditional English basket making, but I’m using found or foraged materials.”

She says you don’t need to think about the end result when making wild baskets, “you just let it evolve, according to its own particular property”. So long as the material can be bent or plied, it will work.

“Baskets are the world’s oldest craft, they’ve always been used, by every culture… for carrying, holding, storing.”

Anita belongs to a global website called Wild Basketry and says there’s a huge global movement of people who are passionate about “weaving wild”. 

She’s having a pop up exhibition and sale of baskets each Sunday through August at Fairholme Gallery, East Takaka.

Contact Anita at:

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