Meet Climate Love founder Charlotte

Meet Charlotte. She’s the mummy of Climate Love. Here’s some stuff you should know about her:

1. Why Climate Love?

I’d been running the good news website Happyzine for years and I wanted to explore applying the power of solutions focused media to the climate issue. I was also keen to experience publishing an actual newspaper because there’s something special about holding what you’re reading. And I wanted to create local news for a specific community, focusing on highlighting the awesome low carbon mahi so many people are all ready doing.

2. What else do you love?

Hanging out with my whānau at home in Golden Bay, reading, music, taking my huge, boisterous dog Thomas for bike rides, and playing music, especially at the Roots Bar in Tākaka as I was when I took this selfie!

3. One piece of wisdom to share with people wanting to start up something world-changing?

If the idea just won’t go away, and makes your heart sing, seriously consider giving it a go! There are no mistakes, only lessons learned. I got that from the amazing Marie Forleo 🥰

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