Coming soon my new online course: Write Your Memior

It seems scary, but trust me, it’s not

Writing your memoir, life story or history can feel like a daunting mission, especially if you’ve been busy living your life all these years, rather than writing, well anything at all.

But maybe your kids are demanding you write your family history because they’ve finally noticed you’ve got grey hair, or perhaps you have the sneaking suspicion that you’d better start recording the important details … while you can still remember them.

You’re at the foot of the mountain, looking up

Which brings you to the question: where on earth do you start?

Actually you might have a few curly questions including: who will actually read this? How can I write it so it doesn’t send people to sleep? What if I’m a terrible speller? And what should I include or leave out?

I’m building you a nice, sheltered path up that mountain, that we can stroll together. With lots of rests.

I’m going to make it easy for you.

I’m building a step by step map to take you through the journey of writing your story, from dreaming to planning to writing and finally editing your future book.

You don’t have to do this alone. There is a plan you can follow. And it might even be fun. Plus it’ll get your kids off your back.

My new online course Write Your Memior will include a series of videos and lessons, a Facebook support group with regular ‘question sessions’ and a 30 minute online one on one session with me.

One thing about writing is it can be a lonely task but not on my course! You’ll be part of a supportive group, you’ll know exactly what to do, and you will be encouraged to write using your unique voice – no matter where you come from, what you’ve done with your life or how much writing experience you have.

Because everyone has a story to share.


Register your interest by emailing me here:

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