Writing your memoir? Know your ‘why’ and ‘who’

Before you start writing your memoir it’s important to know why you’re writing it and who for

Just as you need solid foundations to build a house, you need to put in some decent planning before you write your memoir, life story or family history.

Two things to clarify before you begin are:

1. Why are you writing your story? What’s motivating you, honestly to embark on this journey? When you know, write it down.

2. Who are you writing this for? Now this may be the same as your ‘why’ or it may not be. It is good to clarify if you’re writing this book solely for your family, or for the wider public, because this will effect what you share. Once you know, write it down too 😊

Got those two things down on paper or screen? Good. They’ll be part of your ‘true north’ when you’re knee deep in your writing process!

Remember – everyone has a story worthy of sharing!

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Charlotte Squire

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